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Bronco Racing’s 2023 challenger came onto the FSAE scene with a striking paint job and a record setting performance. Finishing 21st out of 120 teams at Michigan 2023, it was WMU’s best comparative placement at the competition in its history! The vehicle represents leaps in developments on cooling systems, electrical packaging, weight reduction and more. The BR-23 is the crown-jewel of Bronco Racing achievements (for now).



The BR-22 is the third-consecutive monocoque in Bronco Racing History. Its chassis geometry got a facelift and electrical systems a complete overhaul, including onboard telemetry. One of our most aesthetically pleasing cars, the BR-22 also continued the team’s streak of passing all technical inspections and competing in every event at Michigan 2022.

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After taking a brief pause due to COVID-19, Bronco Racing created one of our most successful cars ever. Finishing 18th overall at competition, the car passed all technical processes, ran in every dynamic event, and completed endurance for the third year in a row.



The lightest vehicle and most powerful vehicle in the BR series, BR-19 featured a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, redesigned aero package, and an engine tune that pushed 90 HP! Being only the third team in Michigan to successfully create a monocoque chassis, BR-19 was a milestone in Bronco Racing history. Our favorite part about BR-19? It won us 41st overall at the 2019 competition at Michigan International Speedway, a huge accomplishment for the team.

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The main focus of BR-18 was to improve on the previous years design while maintaining reliability and performance. This vehicle featured a lighter space frame chassis, redesigned exhaust system, and a dry sump oiling system. BR-18 is the first BR vehicle to finish the Michigan Endurace Event in nearly a decade.



BR-17 was the first car in the BR series to finish all dynamic events at competition. BR-17 featured a redesigned suspension package, improved aero package with side wings, CBR600RR bored to 636 CC, and a 3D printed intake. 2017 was the first year that the team was able to attend both the FSAE Michigan and Lincoln competitions, making WMU a well-known name in the world of Formula.

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BR-16 was the first vehicle on the BR platform. This car brought forth many new competitive features that made Bronco Racing a force to be reckoned with. Some of these features include: a CBR 600RR engine, full aero package, pneumatic shifting, and a custom gearbox. This was also the first WMU car to be introduced to the FSAE Lincoln competition.

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