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Please join Bronco Racing on May 6th at 11-4pm, for a catered celebration of  partners, and the unveiling of BR-23!

Light Blue Green Illustrated Car Car Wash Poster-2_edited.jpg


11:30 A.M: Announcements 

11:45-12:30 A.M: Lab tours begin every 15 minutes

12:30-1:30 P.M: Lunch 

1:30-2:00 P.M: Partner Recognition and Presidential power transfer. 

2:00-2:15 P.M: BR-23 reveal!

2:15-2:45 P.M: BR-23 design booths

2:45-3:00 P.M: Multi-year senior awarding 

3:00 P.M: BR-23 Family photos and Team Q&A

The circled area on the map is where to park. 

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